Lab Use

Please note that the HUBIC Lab is currently available only for internal projects, conducted by members of the “Athena” Research Center.

Acknowledging HUBIC will be appreciated. When publishing research results that were obtained using equipment or data from the lab you can cite the following paper that describes the lab’s design:

Spyros Raptis and Maria Giagkou, “From capturing to generating human behavior: closing the interaction loop at the HUBIC Lab“, in Proceedings of the 20th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI) with International Participation, ACM Digital Library, International Conference Proceedings Series, ISBN: 978-1-4503-4789-1, DOI: 10.1145/3003733.3003814.

The manuscript of the paper is available through ResearchGate here .


To use the facilities and equipment of the HUBIC Lab, please fill in the request form. We will get back to you to inform you if the requested dates are available or otherwise arrange for available vacancies. Enquiries from “Athena” RIC members and funded projects will be given priority.

Lab Use Guidelines

On days that you use the lab, it is important to follow the lab maintenance policy. Please, adhere to the following:

  1. Installing, unistalling, copying or by any means modifying the software installed on the workstations and/or data stored by other researchers is not permitted.
  2. Communicating software codes, licence numbers, passwords etc. to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  3. By no means can an item be removed from the lab. In the case of research that has to be conducted outside the lab, you will need to sign relevant formalities and guarantee that the equipment will be returned intact on a specified date.
  4. It is the individual researcher’s responsibility to backup the collected data after the end of an experimentation session and to remove these data from the workstation(s). Data from completed past experiments will be removed without prior notice.
  5. The key to access the lab can be collected either from the Lab’s contact persons (see below). The key cannot be kept overnight by the researcher using the lab.
  6. The person in charge of an experiment is responsible for the lab’s maintenance and cleanness during the experiment, as well as for any other person involved in this (students, researchers and subjects).
  7. Food, drink, and smoking are not allowed in the lab.

Access the full terms of use here (in Greek)

Contact & Enquiries

For any enquiries regarding the HUBIC Lab, please contact:

Spyros Raptis, PhD, HUBIC Lab Scientific Coordinator, Research Director, ILSP/R.C.”Athena” or
Maria Giagkou, PhD, Lab manager, Research Fellow, ILSP/R.C.”Athena”

For details regarding the equipment, see the Equipment section.